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Terms and Conditions


By accessing this website and purchasing your item, you are agreeing to be bound by this website’s Terms and Conditions of Use.

By purchasing, on this website, you are agreeing that you have read all materials including: links, webpages, and the terms of this website, and are satisfied with the information provided to you.

If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing, and purchasing on this site.

The materials on OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca website are provided "as is". OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates all other warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights.

In no event shall OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption), arising out of the use or inability to use the materials on OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca Internet site, even if an OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.

The materials appearing on OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca website could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca does not warrant that any of the materials on its website are accurate, complete, or current. If, you see any listing that have errors, or contradicting information, it is your responsibility to let us know prior to your purchase of an item or items and clarify any information on the particular listing. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca may make changes to the materials contained on its website at any time, without notice.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca may revise these terms of use for its website at any time without notice. By using this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

If you see a product video on a listing, it is to show you, the customer, what you will be receiving. In some cases a product that is shown in the video, may not represent the exact item you will be receiving; but you will receive an item of equal or greater value, which adheres to the specifications advertised in the listing. There are times when a supplier or manufacturer may have back ordered a part, and we make the decision to upgrade your item to something from a different manufacturer, this items will fit the same specifications, as what you ordered and will be of equal or greater value.

Marketing videos that appear on our website should be taken in perspective; we use them to show you, the customer, how our business is run and to depict what kind of work we do.

All order are considered Special Orders, unless you are informed otherwise, by a member of the OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca Team.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca relies on distributors and suppliers to hold onto the bulk of the HVAC parts and equipment that we sell online, unless it is a popular part, as we are able to retrieve most items within 12 hours of an order being placed.

This means that our return policy is contingent on the distributor, supplier, and manufacturer return policies. It is difficult for our return policy to be flexible, as our return policy adheres to the guidelines which they provide us.

Return Policies from the manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers include the following: There is no return granted without written authorization; and in the case of returns, restocking fees may apply. Also, the item(s) returned must be in perfect, unused, and new condition, in its original packaging.

In all accounts, the customer will be charged a restocking fee, to cover any costs that have incurred in the processing of your order. Before a return or an exchange is granted, an employee of OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca must approve the request.

If a customer ships an item back without our approval or consent, we will not claim the item. This means that the item will be sent back as an undeliverable item and you will incur the extra shipping costs from your shipping provider. This will cause a delay in processing your return and may cause us to be unable to return the item to the supplier, distributor, or manufacturer.

There are no exceptions, all returns or exchanged must be approved prior to the item being shipped back to us.
If an item, that you wish to return, has been installed and/or the packaging material is not in perfect condition, the item will not be accepted for a return or an exchange.

For Quebec Customers:

If you are located in the province of Quebec and you wish to purchase a product from us, please read the following information. In order to purchase a product from us, you must fully understand that you are purchasing a product from an Ontario owned business. While we do our best to ensure that each product listed on our website is current, up to date, and without errors, we cannot guarantee 100% that there are no errors on our website. We sell hundreds of items and human error can occur when it comes to relaying product information through our website. You should also be aware that many of our non-brand name filter items do not have the actual size listed on the page; the reason for this is because the manufacturer has not provided these details to us, but will when requested. You, as the customer, should have a basic understanding of the product, which you are purchasing, as our business is a specialty HVAC filter and parts store.  As such, we rely on the customer's knowledge of what they are looking for and it is implied that the customer has a general knowledge of what they are looking for; should you, as the customer, not have the knowledge necessary, it is advised that you contact us with as much information about your filter(s)/HVAC equipment as possible, so that we may assist you to the best of our abilities. We are unable to force customers to contact us and we do not have the ability to know what each customer's knowledge and understanding is, when they order products from us; if you do not agree with this or if you feel that this does not stand according to the OPC then you are prohibited from ordering a product from us. You must understand that our website could include discrepancies or contradictions of dimensions, weight, or specifications regarding products; this list is not meant to be expansive of all discrepancies that may be present on this website, as there may be other errors that are unintended. If you see an error or if you see something that you are unsure of, then it is your sole responsibility to contact us to make us aware of an error or to ask us about something of which you are unsure. Please understand that our Terms and Conditions are put on our website to inform you of what we can and what we cannot do, and to be up front and honest with you the customer. Again, it is your responsibility to report errors, failure to do so could lead to your receipt of a product which you did not order. Our staff does all that they can to ensure that they are up front and honest with each customer, as we find no reason to intentionally mislead customers. If an error is made, please understand that it is simply an error, and should no be looked at a deliberate act to intentionally withhold information from or mislead our customers. Please understand that you are ordering products from an Ontario specialty HVAC store and products are continually changing in this industry and sometimes things change without notification; please also understand that our products are specialty HVAC products and many are not held in stock and therefore cannot be easily returned. In most cases, there is a very short period of time when we can return or exchange a product and understand that penalty and restocking fees will be applied. It is imperative that you notify us about an issues with your order within 24 hours of receipt of the item, as we must adhere to our dealer's terms and conditions, in regards to returns and exchanges. If find an error or realize that you made an error prior to receiving your order, we cannot guarantee the cancellation of your order, due to the fact that sometimes our order processing can happen within a few hours; in this case, please contact us immediately and these issues will be handled on a case by case basis. This policy applies to cases where you received the incorrect item also; it is important that you do not wait days, weeks, or months to notify us of an error, as we are unable to perform an exchange after 24 hours of your receipt of the item. While we sell hundreds of items, we do not stock every item on our website, the items that we do not stock are considered specialty items and it is up to you to ask us whether we have the item on hand. If you feel that the terms and conditions on our website do not live up to the OPC standards, then you are prohibited from purchasing a product from us. You must understand that in most cases, sales are final unless of defect, damage or written permission from a staff member to allow a return to be completed. All damaged products will be replaced with brand new undamaged items (For more information on this, please read our damage policy). If you proceed in purchasing an item from us and disagree with our Terms and Conditions that have been set out for all Quebec customers, then we will cancel the transaction and refund your money. When you proceed to purchase an items from us, you are accepting and agreeing fully with our Terms and Conditions, on our website, and our bound to them, as this is a contract between OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca and you, the customer, regardless of your location. If you have any questions regarding this, it is up to you to contact us before ordering a product from us. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca makes all attempts to inform our customers of what we can and what we cannot do. Remember, it is your, the Quebec customer's, responsibility to read and fully understand our Terms and Conditions on our website; if you do not agree with them or believe that they do not follow the OPC standards, you are prohibited from purchasing any products from OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca

Contradicting & Possible error Filter Product Pages

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca makes all attempts to be 100% accurate in all of it's listings. This includes product descriptions, photos, videos, size, weight, and product numbers; however, customers must understand that human error does occur and we are unable to guarantee that all information is correct, current, or without error(s), as this is simply impossible, as we have hundreds of listings on our site. These errors should not be seen as deliberate or purposely misleading, these errors should be taken as an unintentional error. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca has no reason to intentionally mislead customers who choose to order on our website, as our competitors have the same access to HVAC products, as we do. It is up to you, the customer, to have the general knowledge of the filter products that you wish to purchase. This knowledge could simply be that you know the product number M1-1056 filter has a unique size that no other product has. The M1-1056 filter may be under many different model numbers and therefore you should know what they are. If you are looking for brand name filter products, most of them will come with a product number or code; this is how we are able to tell what products are to be sent to you. We do not have the ability, nor should it be expected that we would know what the actual size of your filter(s) are. If you are looking at a brand name product, you should be familiar with the general specifications of this products, as the product number or code is how we identify the product that is to be sent out to you. If you are unsure of this, or are unsure of the exact size then it is up to you to contact us about this. If you see any contradicting information, that does not match the product information that you are familiar with, please contact us to ask us any questions about the details, including any specifications for the item(s). For a non-brand name or aftermarket filter product that does not have a product code, they will be identified off of the size and MERV rating; this does not refer to the actual size but rather to the size it is commonly known as, i.e. 16x25x1 or 20x25x1. If the listing does not contain the actual size, then it will be up to you to contact us in regards to finding out the actual size. Failure to do so could leave you with an incorrectly sized filter; this will not be treated as an incorrect item order. It is imperative that all customers know that you are responsible for examining and reviewing the item that you have received from us; we cannot stress this enough. The return and/or exchange of an incorrect product can be hard to perform, if the 24 hour mark has passed; this is due to the fact that we are a specialty HVAC store that does not stock all of our products. Most of our items are picked up from our suppliers and dealers, as needed, and as a result we are responsible for  following our dealer or supplier return policies, as the bulk of orders are held onto at our suppliers locations. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Inducer motors

Please note and understand that both the Fasco A163 motor and Rotom motor are the same motors. This means that you could end up either the Fasco motor or the Rotom motor. We will NOT consider this a wrong order as both motors are OEM. 

 For customers who live downtown Ottawa, in a condo, in an apartment building, or in the outskirts of Ottawa, Free Delivery may not apply to you. 

Please read below for details:

Please note for customers who live in the downtown core of Ottawa, please be aware that delivery is extremely difficult due to the fact that there are many bike lanes, one way streets, heavy traffic, and limited parking; therefore, we have decided that we will no longer be able to deliver to the downtown core. Items will be shipped through Canada Post to all of those customers, who live downtown. In this situation, free delivery will not apply to you. If you have an alternative address to your downtown location, you may use that address to receive free delivery. 

if you wish to pick up your order, you may use the Free Shipping Coupon Code. In order to arrange a pick up, please contact us prior to your order and we will schedule a time for you to come pick up your item(s). Our pick up area is located in Carleton Place, ON.

For customers who live in Condos or Apartment building, you may not be qualified to use our Free Delivery Service. The reason for this is that, in the event that you are not home, there is no place for us to leave your item(s), in a safe and secure area. In this situation, if a customer is not home, we have to ship the item out, at our cost, as we are unable to attempt delivery an additional time.

We have also noticed that many of our condo and apartment customers do not inform us of an ideal time for us to deliver, nor are we provided information on parking; therefore we have decided that we will no longer deliver filters or HVAC products to condos or apartment dwellers.

This means that we will be required to ship your item(s) to you and means that you cannot use the Free Shipping Coupon Code. If you provide an alternative address for delivery within the Ottawa area, where we would have no problems delivering your items, then you may use the Free Shipping Coupon Code.

If you wish to pick up your order, you may also use the coupon code. Please contact us to schedule a pick up time and you will be able to pick up your item(s) in Carleton Place, ON. Customers from areas that are rural or farther from the Ottawa Area may be required to pay a small delivery fee of $15.00.

This is due to the fact that these deliveries take more time for our drivers to get to and cannot fit as much in their day. If you are located past Manotick, Greely, Kars, Metcalfe, Marionville, Marvelville, Edwards, Kinburn, Dunrobin. You will be required to pay the additional $15.00 for delivery. Please use Coupon Code SGZJPC03312B, which will take $15.00 off of your order.

Again, if you wish to pick up your order, you can use the Free Shipping Coupon Code, please contact us to set up a time to pick up your order. Our pick up location is in Casselman, ON. In the event that a customer who lives downtown Ottawa, lives in a condo or apartment, or lives beyond our delivery service area, places an order without contacting us first, and uses the free delivery code, you will be required to pay additional fees to receive your item or you will be required to pick up your order in Casselman, ON

Orders placed out of area (Out of the Ottawa area)

If you live in the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Eastern Quebec; or are ordering a filter product that has no shipping price on the listing and don't live in the Ottawa area please read. If you wish to order this filter product and you live in any of the above provinces, please contact us in regards to shipping, in order to find out the cost to ship the item to you. Please note that the shipping indicated in the listing, on this page, only includes calculations for Ontario and most of Quebec.If you proceed in purchasing the filter item without contacting us prior to your purchase, and then wish to cancel your order due to the extra shipping charges, a cancellation fee may be applied.

For Filters sizes 30x36x1,2,4" If, you are not located in the Ottawa area, please understand that an extra $80.00 dollars (Maybe more) will have to be added to your order, in order for us to ship this size out. Shipping provider will be Purolator. If you proceed in purchasing the filter item without contacting us prior to your purchase, and then wish to cancel your order due to the extra shipping charges, a cancellation fee may be applied. For all 30” sized Furnace filters, please understand that we have to ship this size by Purolator, in most cases. It is important for you to know that if you are not located in the Ottawa area, it is important to contact us if you ordering this size of filter, as in all cases you will be required to pay additional shipping. In the event that you proceed to purchase your filters without contacting us prior to purchase, we will contact you about additional shipping charges. If you wish to cancel your purchase at this time, you will then be subject to a cancellation penalty, as outlined in our Cancellation Policy. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca does not want to issue cancellation penalties, but unfortunately every time an order is placed, cost is created almost immediately. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.



Customers and Sellers Responsibility

Customer Responsibilities are included, but not limited to, below: You are the expert. You can see the HVAC equipment. Please keep this in mind, when you order an item or items from us. Since we cannot inspect the equipment, you must give us as much information as possible, when you are inquiring about ordering the part or parts, you require. Please give us the make, model #, serial #, or any other information that would be helpful. This includes information on the HVAC equipment, and the part that you are looking to replace. We cannot and You should not expect that we can provide you this knowledge or that we know what kind of equipment you have and what you are attempting to do. This is impossible for us to do.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to check and double check the information that you are giving to us and the information that you are receiving from us or one of our web pages. Please do not assume that everything is correct, if you are unsure, please ask. This request could save you hundreds of dollars.

You are responsible for having your furnace diagnosed, prior to changing any parts. A normal charge for a diagnosis is $60 to $90, from your local HVAC company. We recommend that you do not diagnose the problems yourself, and do not diagnose them online either. Using the internet can help sometimes, but most of the time it can end up costing you more money. We leave the decision up to our customers, we are simply providing tips that could help you save money in the long run.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us your questions through our contact page, on our website.

Seller Responsibilities are as follows: OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca is the seller. Our responsibility is to provide the customer the products, which has been purchased by the customer off of our website listings.

Information that the customer provides to us, will be directed to the correct distributor, manufacturer, or supplier, so that we can determine what part you require.


Customers Providing Product Information to OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca,

In order to purchase parts, are subject to the following Terms and Conditions: OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca relies on you, the customer, to provide us with the correct equipment Model, Serial, or Replacement Part Number.Therefore by agreeing to purchase a part, you are taking on full responsibility for providing correct and complete information to the customer service representatives at OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca This information must be provided over email and there are no exceptions to this. This will ensure that no errors are made in the correct pricing and ordering of your part. A phone conversation can result in a member of our team taking down incorrect information, due to misunderstanding. In the event that you receive a product that is not the correct item, but matches all of the information that you, the customer, has provided OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca, it will be at the discretion of the OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca team to determine whether we can accept either an exchange or a return of that item. In some cases, the item may not be able to be exchanged or returned. Please do not assume that simply because an item has not been installed, it can be returned. Even items that have not been installed, are in perfect condition, and are in original packaging cannot always be returned. This is the case with many special order items, but other items may also be subject to this condition. Please provide all information on your furnace to us before you order your part. Do not purchases a part, to then send us the information requesting to know weather the part will work with your furnaces. You must do this before you purchases your item. Or you must send this info to our contact page right away. If, you the customer see incorrect information or contradicting information. Please contact us right away to let us know. If you proceed to purchases an item even with these errors, you still may not be able to do a return. Do not assume that we know of these errors. Restocking fees may apply to returned items, which can range anywhere from 25% to 35% of the total product price. Hourly fees may apply if this imposes significant distraction for our staff from previously assigned tasks, these fees can amount from $40 to $100. If you are not sure whether you are providing the correct information for ordering your part, please contact us by email at info@ottawafurnacefilters.ca and we will run your furnace model number. We can speak to our manufacturers and dealers so that we can obtain the recommended part (which you require) for your Furnace model. It is very important to ensure that all model numbers and product information provided to us is complete and correct. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask.

If you are looking for a part and it is not on our website.

It is your sole responsibility to provide us with the complete information about your part. This means we need, at least, the following: Model and serial numbers off of your equipment. This will help us in determining what part you require.

For our due diligence, we request that you also send us the part number off of the part, which you are replacing. If you can send us photos, that is also recommended.

Once the information has been gathered, a listing will be created and then provided to you. You are responsible for reviewing this listing, to ensure that this is the part, which you require. Failure to do so, will lead to the possibility of you receiving the incorrect item and return may not be possible. Please take your time in reviewing the information that we provide to you, the more time spent now, will save you money in the long run.

Links provided to you

If you have provided us information for a replacement part that requires a new listing to be made on our website, we will do so; a web page will be created and will include the information that the distributor, supplier, or manufacturer has provided, based off of the information you have sent to us.

Please review any link(s) that we provide to you, and if there is an incorrect information or information which does not align with the information that you have provided, please let us know. The more information you provide to us, the less likely there are to be any errors, so please provide sufficient information and review any information provided to you, to ensure any errors are caught, before a purchase is made.

If you do not review the link and assume that everything is correct and receive the item as advertised on the link provided to you, we will consider the item as correct, since it matches the information on the link.

We are sending the link to you, so that you may review it and then place your order upon successful review of the information. We will never send you a link with a description that is different from the item, which we are sending you. If you purchase an item off of a link, which we have provided, expect to receive the item matching the information and specifications of the link. 

Requesting information from customers

It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct information. Do not expect us to request further information about your equipment, it is your responsibility to provide us all pertinent model numbers, serial numbers, and additional information.

As an online specialty HVAC Parts Store, we are unable to chase our customers, so that we can receive the correct information, as that will take a lot of time away from our staff. Therefore, we require that customers hold themselves responsible for providing us correct information on their HVAC equipment and parts.

This does not mean that we will not confirm whether a part will work or what type of part you need, based off of a model number; this means that we will not email the customer back and forth to try to have the customer send us the information that we require to ascertain what part is correct for the repair.

If this information is not given, we will not be able to respond, as we have customers who have provided us complete information, and they will take priority over those, who have not provided this information.


Price of parts on the Site are subject to change without notice. Errors will be corrected when noticed, and OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions (including after an order has been submitted).


Free Capacitors

In most cases capacitors are included with the purchase of a blower/condenser motor. This will be indicated on the listing page as “Free Cap/Capacitor is included”. However, there are exception to this. If, the listing motor pages doesn’t say that there is a capacitor included, this means that the capacitors is NOT included. If, you require a capacitors with your condenser/blower motor please look at our capacitors section. although some capacitor may not be included with the purchases of your motor we will provide a discount on the capacitor as long as it's purchase at the same time as the motor. If, you have any question or concerns relating to this please feel free to contact us. 

Cancellation of Orders:

Cancellation of Orders: Be sure you know what you are ordering before your order is placed; if you are in doubt, please ask us to check any information that you have to ensure that you are ordering the correct part. If you wish to cancel an order that you have just placed, email us or contact us through our home page to let us know, within 12 hours. Please do not contact us on the order contact form that is providing when you log into your account, as these messages can be easily missed. Even if you cancel an order within 12 hours, you may  still be subject to a cancellation penalty of 10 to 20%, if your order has already been processed.

Orders cancelled after the 12 hour window are subject to a cancellation fee of 25-35%. If the order has already been shipped and is cancelled or refused, shipping charges will not be refunded and the order will be subject to a 35% restocking fee, once we receive it at our office. Please note that custom or special orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Please keep in mind that as a specialty HVAC Parts Store, most of our items are considered specialty items. If you wish to know if your items is a specialty item, please let us know by contacting us through our website contact page. It is your responsibility to ask us whether the item you have purchased or would like to purchase is a specialty item.  

We do not ship on weekends or holidays; if an order is placed on any of these days, the cancellation policy is still applied to the cancellation of orders.

More details on the cancellation of orders: At OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca, we understand that customers may have misunderstood or realized that they do not need the product that they have just purchased. You have a right to cancel your order, whatever the reason is, but unfortunately when you cancel an order, costs have already been incurred in the processing of your order. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca cannot be expected to absorb these costs, as over time, these cost will add up to loss for our company. This is an unfortunate part of doing business, but to remain in business, our company must profit and cannot absorb cost because a customer has decided they no longer wish to purchase an item. 

Restocking and penalty fees: Costs are incurred and these costs cannot be absorbed by our company, which is why we charge restocking and penalty fees.

If you are ordering a special order item, you will likely be unable to cancel this order; if we are able to do the cancellation of a special order item, the restocking and penalty fee can be up to as  high as 50 to 60% of the total cost of the product. Once your item has been shipped and is no longer in our care, we do not have any authority to stop the shipping from proceeding. Therefore, you would be fully responsible fo any cost incurrec, in shipping the item back to us. Before you return the item, please notify us that you would like to return the item, as in many cases, you will not be able to return the item, regardless of condition. If the item is damaged in shipping, an exchange can be provided. Please contact us immediately if your item has been damaged during shipping.
If you have any questions in regards to this, please send our customer service team an email by contacting them through our home page or at info@ottawafurnacefilters.ca.

In developing these procedures, we hope that we can serve you, the customer, to the best of our ability. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.


100% OEM Genuine Products:

All of the products that we sell online at OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca are 100% OEM genuine parts and filter products. We do not deal with aftermarket products that are not OEM. We also do not under any circumstances ship out used products. Whether it is an HVAC part, filter product, or humidifier filter pad, we simply do not sell used items. This means if you receive a product that you feel is not OEM or you feel that it is an aftermarket product or that the product is used; we will not entertain these claims that it was not OEM product that was received. We do not allow this to happen on our end, since we do not deal with non-OEM products. Manufacturers often change the way that they package their item and in different areas (throughout Canada, and throughout the US) there are different style of packaging, even for products from the same company. Since many product manufacturers have many different manufacturing plants throughout the world, this is how that occurs.  If you feel that the product you received is going to damage your equipment or if you feel that it has damaged your equipment. We, OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca will take no responsibility for this. It is up to you whether you install the part yourself, that you have received from our company. As we only deal with OEM Genuine products, for liability reason, we cannot make any determination on the condition of your HVAC equipment prior to installation of the part you have purchased from us. If you are having problems with your equipment, it is up to you to find a qualified person to inspect diagnose, repair, or replace the OEM product that you received from our company, to your equipment. 90% of the time, the product that you are receiving from OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca is the same exact part or filter that you would have received from a local HVAC (Heating/Cooling) Company.

Committed to provide the lowest prices:

While OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca remains committed to provide the lowest prices to its customers as possible and has a policy to beat our competition's pricing. Please read the following conditions to this policy. If you would like us to beat a competitor's price, this must be from a legitimate source. Canadian website Only. This policy excludes products on Kijiji, Ebay, Amazon, or other websites alike this. Please note that price matching doesn't included dealers or suppliers. Kijiji is excluded because our competition can advertise a different price on their website, so this price must be noted on the website. Ebay and Amazon are excluded as there are many US sellers which can sell for lower prices, but upon adding import costs, the price totals larger than the advertised price. Any product listed on a website that advertises a lower price must be available in Canada; the website must be a Canadian website. US prices can differ greatly from Canadian prices, as the advertised price generally does not reflect what you will actually pay for your products, taking into account duties, taxes, and shipping costs. The product's price must be current, if on a website, the price must be reflected at the time of request for us to beat a competitor's pricing.   As always, every case will be examined and if there is any way for us to provide you a lower price, we will be sure to do so.

Product Received, must be verified by the customer

Once you receive a product, it is your responsibility to check the item right away to ensure that it is the part that you ordered. You have 24 hours to verify that the item you received is the item you order; please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of your product, if you received the incorrect item. If there is a delay in notification of an incorrect item, the delay may cause an inability to return the item.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca will base the delivery date, as per the expected date of pick up from the post office. If we delivered the item to you directly, we will consider the date we delivered it to your address, the delivery date.

Please check all items, which you receive from us. If you have any questions, please contact us through our home page.

Terms and Conditions on Price Matching

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca has done it's homework on the most popular Canadian Filter/HVAC Part companies. We have made our prices cheaper or equal to most of our competition's pricing. If there is a price less expensive, even after adding all of the taxes and shipping costs, then please let us know and we will do all we can to beat our competition's pricing. Please keep in mind that there are cases where we can not go down on price. If you contact us about a price match, after an order is placed, and we have done all we can to meet our competition's pricing; but you are still not happy with the price and request to have a refund, you may still be subject to a cancellation penalty of 10 to 20%, if your order has already been processed. Again, we do not wish to do this, but it is a cost that we cannot absorb. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us.


Contacting Customers


If OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca needs to contact you, we will do so through email or through our website only.
We do not use the phone to communicate with our customers, because we would like to document everything for your benefit and for ours. If OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca needs to contact you for any reason regarding: price change, out of stock items, or any unforeseen circumstances, we will do so by contacting you at the email address that you provided to us.
In most cases, if we need to contact you, we will do so within hours of you placing an order. If you place an order over the weekend or on a holiday, we will contact you on the next business day.
We can also contact you by using the customer log in account, to send you a message; we will contact you by this method, if our emails go unanswered. It is very important that you make sure that you are providing us the correct email address, we cannot stress this enough. It is also your responsibility to check your email account regularly, within the first few days of placing an order, as we could be attempting to contact you regarding an issue with your order.
Also, we recommend that you create a customer log in account on our website when you order a part, as we can use this method as an alternative contact method. Although we prefer email communication over this method, we will use this method as an alternative, if necessary. If we cannot contact you, your order could be delayed, cancelled, or put on hold until you get in contact with us.
If we have tried to contact you and we do not receive a response, after a week, you could be penalized with a restocking fee or cancellation fee, as the longer your order is held, the more cost we incur, as we are now holding onto stock that we could sell to another customer. 
If you decide to continue with this order, after we address the concerns, we will wave the penalty (which is usually 10% - 20% of the cost of the purchased item). We do not want to do this to any customer by please understand that we cannot be expected to absorb this cost.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.


Incorrect Item Shipped

At OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca, we make all attempts to send out the correct item; however, human error can occur. If you receive an item, which you did not order, it is imperative that you notify us immediately. From the moment the item is received, you will have 24 hours to check to ensure that you have received the correct item. After the 24 hour mark has passed, from the day you receive an incorrect item, you will be required to ship the item back to us, at your own expense. The reason we say this, is because it is your responsibility to check and double check the part, which you received right away, to ensure the item is correct and is not damaged.

Restocking fees and processing fees may be applied, in the event that you notify us after the 24 hour mark (if you notify us within 24 hours, we will absorb those charges). If you notify us after the 24 hour mark, you may also be required to pay the shipping cost, for us to ship the correct item to you. After the 24 hour mark, whether it is days, weeks, or months, you will not have the option to receive a refund, but you will have the option to exchange for the correct item. The reason for this is that it takes time away from our staff to track down orders, which have been shipped out more than 8 days earlier. It should not take long for you to see whether your item is correct, as you are responsible to check the item, when it is received, to ensure it is in good condition. Please keep in mind that all items, that are not given a brand on our website, will be Totaline products or Lennox products. This means that the product that you are receiving may be slightly different but still compatible with your unit. If you are looking for the exact part from your unit, please contact us on our home page, so that we can arrange to provide you the part, based on your equipment model number. Refunds or exchanges will not be permitted, if you receive a part, which is compatible with your unit and is OEM, but is not the exact part in your unit, as it is your responsibility to provide us with the part and model numbers, from your furnace or part. Also, please understand that you must look over all materials, as it is your responsibility to double check the information on the web pages, to ensure that you are satisfied with the listing before purchasing the product(s). Failure to do so could lead you to receive a part that you did not intend to receive. In this case, we would not consider this an incorrect item, that is shipped, as you are the expert on hand and we are only the supplier.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our customer service staff at info@ottawafurnacefilters.ca or go to our contact page.


Incorrect information or contradicting information on the web pages, links, or emails.

If you, the customer, reads any incorrect or contradicting information, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately, to inform us of the errors, as we may not be aware of this. If you choose to proceed to purchase an item, even with an error or errors, you may be unable to return an item. Do not assume that we know of the error or errors, and do not confused the error or errors as us having shipped the incorrect item. If you are unsure of any information you read or see, please notify us, so that we may clarify the information and ensure that you are receiving the part that you need.

The reason we make these statements, is that we are not looking at your heating equipment, so we have no way of knowing what the correct part is for your equipment. You have the information to provide us, so please be sure to contact us through our home page if you are unsure of what is the correct item for your heating equipment. If you contact us through our home page, please be as detailed as possible, the more information provided, the less likely it is for you to receive the incorrect item.

Our staff is constantly going through the website and makes corrections on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of listings on our website and we are always adding new listings, so it takes time to catch up and correct the errors. When a customer brings an error to our attention, that error becomes a priority and is corrected before any other errors.

To avoid purchasing an item that is incorrect or has the incorrect or contradicting information in the link, please send us an email to verify whether the part will work with your equipment; this is up to you to do and can be done through our contact page.


Stock of Products

We understand that receiving your product as quickly as possible is very important to you. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca will make all attempts to achieve this in a timely manner. However, we do ask for your understanding knowing that it can take anywhere from 1 business day to 14 business days to ship out an item, depending upon whether we have it in stock or not in stock. Please understand that we are unable to stock every HVAC part on the market, even items that are listed on our website may not be in stock. Therefore we may have to contact the manufacturer, dealer, or other supplier for the products to place an order for the item that you have just purchased. Items that are not listed on our website, are in most cases items that we have not yet sold, which means it could take 1 to 7 business days for us to receive them from the proper manufacture. Once we receive your item we will ship it out to you ASAP. If you would like to know if your part is in stock before ordering, please contact us by email at info@ottawafurnacefilters.ca Once an order has been placed, it will follow the terms and conditions set out by OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca. We do not make promises, guarantees, or any other warranties about when you will receive your item(s). Since unknown factors do arise, that can cause a part or item to be delayed; these factors are out of our hands. 

MERV 11 & 13 Filter Stock

 While we stock many popular filter products listed on our website, we are unable to stock every size of filter and every MERV rating of filter. This is especially true with MERV 11 & 13 filters; when these filters are ordered, it can take anywhere from 5 to 14 business days for us to have these brought in from our suppliers. During this time, we kindly ask you for your patience; once the order has been sent to our supplier, we are unable to cancel the order. In the event that you wish to cancel your order, you will be subject to penalty fees, according to our Cancellation Policy.  If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know.

The difference between a restocking fee and a cancellation fees

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca does not want to charge customers cancellation fees or restocking fees, we understand that you may feel that we are unjustly trying to extort money from you. This is simply not true. The reason why cancellation and/or restocking fees can apply to your order, is to cover the cost of processing your order. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca is not making a profit off of you when charging a cancellation or a restocking fee, but is covering the cost of doing business in the processing of your order. Having to pull staff off of other assignments to deal with an order cancellation, especially when it was order over 12 hours ago, will cost us time and man hours. A cancellation fee: A cancellation fee is applied to orders that have not been shipped out. This could be to orders that are currently being ordered through a manufacturer or supplier or have been packaged and are waiting to be shipped out. Please note that it does not matter if we have the item on hand or that the item was never pulled off of the shelf; our cancellation fee has nothing to do with restocking fees, it is simply a cancellation fee to cover the cost in processing the order.

Restocking fee: Restocking fees are applied to orders that have been shipped out and have been shipped back to us for whatever reason. (Please read the Return of Item Terms and Conditions) Restocking fees will not exceed 25 – 35 % of the purchase price of the product, but in most cases will be applied. Special order items penalties, if cancelled: In most cases you will not be allowed to return your special order item, since in most cases these items are not very popular with the product manufacturer, dealer, or supplier. These orders, in most cases, have to be ordered and are non-returnable through the manufacturer, supplier or dealer, unless there was a defect, in which case a replacement will be provided. Therefore if a specialty item is to be returned, a restocking fee of 50% - 60% can be applied. Again, in most case you will not be allowed to return specialty items. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.


Returning items that Were Damaged, as a result of Shipping or Part Was Defective

Regrettably items can be damaged in the process of shipping; this is simply an area that we do not have control over. If you are purchasing your items in the Ottawa area (Ontario), OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca will provide free delivery, as this is where we are located. However, in most cases items will be shipped with Canada Post. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca makes all attempts to ensure that your item will arrive in perfect condition and is in working condition. OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca has qualified, licensed, and registered HVAC specialists on staff, who inspect, test, and document every item that is sent out.  
As a company procedure, we also have our own sign off and inspection sheets that must be filled out before an item is shipped. Photos are often taken,and serial numbers and model numbers are recorded from motors, inducer motors, and most high end parts. There are a few reasons, why we do this: to catch any defaults before the product is shipped (defective parts).  Please understand that OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca is NOT a manufacturer; we are an authorized dealer for most HVAC products, that we sell. This means that we do not manufacture the parts that you have purchased from us, and although we have qualified and licensed personnel to inspect and test these items, it is plausible that you may still end up with a defective part, although this is very rare. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the item(s), once received. You must ensure that the item has not received any shipping damage to the product and that the product is in good condition. A visual inspection is all that is needed for this; please be thorough in your visual inspection, as cracks caused by weight placed on a package could crack apart. Please take special care when inspecting inducer motors.  If you notice any damage, please take the following steps. You must fill out a statement of the damaged packaged, detailing the exact way by which you received the item and how you determined the fault. Please take photos of the damage. All of this must be sent to us in an email. Once this is submitted to us, all paperwork that we have on your item,, along with your statement and photos will be submitted to our shipping provider and a damage claim will be open. Please refrain from pressuring our staff, as they are doing their best to process your claim and will inform you as new information arises. We understand that this is a frustrating time for you and we will take and do whatever we can to expedite the process but we do ask for some understanding. We cannot make a decision regarding your claim, within hours of it being brought to our attention, this is simply not a feasible option. This process will take time and we do ask for your patience. You will be given instruction about when you will need to ship back the damaged item (Please do not ship the item back until we give you permission to do so, this could cause further delays).  Depending on what type of part you have or the type of damage sustained, you may only be requested to ship the broken item back, once the approval has been made by Canada Post. Please note, Canada Post may need to contact you directly to speak with you. After Canada Post has made an approval for your damage claim, we will then require you to ship back the item to us, if we have not already requested you to do so. After receiving  the item, we will ship out a replacement part. You will be required to cover the shipping cost for the item that you are sending back to us, we will cover the shipping cost to send you the replacement part.
During this period of the damage claim, you cannot simply ask for a refund or a return. You will not be permitted to do this and the replacement will only be sent out once the claim is approved. This process can take up to a few days or a month. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, but this is out of our control.

Defective Part

If you have installed your part and your equipment is still not working and you suspect that it is directly related to the part that you have received. You will be required to have a licensed HVAC company perform a diagnostic on your part, to determine if it is defective. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not have an HVAC license and you are not registered with your governing authority, there is simply nothing we can do, until you have an HVAC company diagnose your part and have a copy of the report sent to us. This report will be reviewed by our staff. We also request that you send us photos, so that we know there are no alterations made to the part. You are not allowed to alter the part, cut wires, or perform any other modifications, and then claim the part as defective. This will lead to an immediate disapproval and your request will be voided.
You will have to fill out a statement, stating what you did when you installed the part into your equipment. After reviewing the reports, statements, and photos, we will make a decision about whether your part can be returned to us. The reason for this is, if we are unable to return your defective item to the manufacturer for the warranty, then we cannot accept the part back. Please keep in mind that defective parts are very rare. Please note, the customer will be responsible for any charge incurred from the HVAC company, who performs the diagnostic test. If you have any questions or concerns relating to any of the above, please contact us.

Delivery of Filter and HVAC products

If you live in or around the Ottawa area, the chances are that our own delivery vehicle will deliver your filters (exclusions are listed on the link provided, as there are exceptions to where we will deliver products).

Please note: OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca will deliver your filters once they have come in from our supplier. Filters that are Merv 11, 13, or Carbon will take approximately two weeks for us to receive, in most cases. We only keep Merv 8 and other common sizes on hand.

Filters and HVAC Parts will be delivered by our delivery driver, if you are using the free delivery coupon code, please note that the wait time could be between 1-4 weeks. 

If you are not home when our driver shows up, the driver will leave the filters or HVAC product(s) by the door, unless the customer has specified where to leave the product, in the event that the home owner is not home.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca takes no responsibility for items that may go missing after we have delivered the filter or HVAC items.

If you are concerned about your item going missing, you can pick up your item from us, if you contact us by email to arrange a pick up time, when your product is in our possession. The pick up area will be in Carleton Place, ON.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know

Holidays and Weekend Orders

At OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca you are allowed to purchase an item off of our site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However, we do ask for your patience, if you place an order, during either a holiday or a weekend.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca is closed on weekends, so in most cases there will not be a staff member to answer emails or process orders, until Monday. On Monday, emails will be responded to and orders will be shipped. There is no way that any orders are shipped out on weekends, because our distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and shipping providers are all closed on weekends.

In some cases, this can cause the shipping time to increase, especially around Christmas and New Years. Between these two holidays, most of our distributors and suppliers operate with a skeleton staff and this can cause a delay in emails being returned to our customers because we work very close with the distributors and suppliers.

We do ask for patience and understanding during the weekends and the holidays. In the event that you wish to cancel an order, placed on a weekend or holiday, our cancellation policy still applies, as costs will still be incurred.