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Out of Ottawa Area Customers!

Out Of Ottawa area Customers


This Does NOT Apply To Ontario, Or Western Québec, Or Customers Who Are Purchasing HVAC Parts

Customers who lives in provinces such as:

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, North West Territories and Eastern and Northern Québec.

That shipping indicated on our website is ONLY for Ontario and Western Québec.

OttwaFurnaceFilters.ca requires customers who want to purchase their filter products, who live in any of the above mentioned areas, to do the following:

1) Please sumit your postal code to us before you can purchase an item off of our website.

2) You must provide us the link to the filter(s) item that you are interested in purchasing. You can send this to us, when contacting us by our home page.

3) You must contact us by either using our contact Submission form found on our contact page, or by email us at OttawaFurnaceFilters@hotmail.com 

This excludes HVAC parts. You do not need to contact us if you are purchasing an HVAC part in regards to shipping. The price listed on HVAC parts is sufficient to cover the shipping cost.

Failure to contact us prior to purchasing your filter product, will result in us sending you out the following email:

“Dear valid customer,

We thank you for your purchase. However, as mentioned on our out of town customer order information page, we have clearly indicated that customers who are not located in Ontario or western Québec, will have to pay additional shipping.

Normally, this extra shipping, amounts is anywhere from $10-$30 extra from what you have already paid.

Factors that will effect the cost are typically: location and the size of filter(s) that you have ordered.

What we ask of you now is to inform us ASAP, if you are interested in paying the extra shipping cost before we process this order.

If you wish to continue with this purchase and that you fully understand the extra charges for shipping do apply, a link where you can pay the additional shipping charges will be provided.

If you choose, that you no longer wish to continue with the purchase we will cancel this order and refund your money back to you.

We thank you for your understanding in regards to our company's policies in regards to shipping. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to let us know.


Your OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca Team.”

In the event that we do not receive a response to this email, we will cancel the order automatically after 2 - weeks have past and refund your money back to you.

It will be up to you to contact us to inquire as to why we have refunded your money back to you.

We do ask that you ensure that the email address that you are providing on the customer checkout box is correct.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca wants your business! But we can no longer be expected to pay the additional shipping charges that are placed on us by our shipping provider.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us