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Why Can't I Clean my disposable Filter?


Replacing disposable air filters

There are some furnace filters out there that you can clean during your regular furnace maintenance, which you can reuse many times.

However a disposable air filter does not fall underneath this category. About once every month, depending on what kind of filter you have, you should be replacing your furnace filters from its cabinet and throwing it away, and installing a fresh furnace filter in its place.

You should never vacuum or wash a disposable air filter.

Learn some more helpful tips about why you should not clean your disposable filters or reuse them in your heating and cooling system.

Did you know that vacuuming your furnace disposable filter will not reach the inner fibers?

So as the days pass by, your furnace filter will collect many contaminants, which will include dust, dirt, pollen, skin cells, and pet hair.

These contaminants will be buried deep into the furnace filter fabric, so it becomes next to impossible to vacuum out these particles.

If you try to vacuum out these particles, you will run the risk of potentially damaging your HVAC equipment. You may ask the question, how is this possible? Well the reason that you could damage your HVAC system is by damaging the filter itself, you could potentially tear the fibers and fabric which are put into place by glues; by moving these elements, you will run the risk of having a lack of protection against any dirt particles from entering your HVAC system. This could make your system run a lot less efficient, which means you will spend more money in the end repairing your system.

So why can't you wash a furnace filter? Because you do not want to encourage mould growth.

So here's the thing, reusable furnace filters can be washed and replaced, however, the disposable furnace filter is not designed to be washed or to get wet.

The moisture in the air filter can grow mould over time, which will be carried throughout your HVAC system to the rest of your home. This would be a really bad thing to do, just to save a few dollars.

Also, it will make the filter less effective in protecting your HVAC equipment, which means you could potentially pay more in repairs.

Touching a furnace filter that is disposable can damage it.

So you might think to yourself, that you will attempt to clean your disposable furnace filter, by shaking them outside or attempting to pick off pet hair, dust, or dirt.

While you may think these actions might seem like you are saving money, in actuality you could be causing a hole in the fabric or loss of fabric density, which means your filter will not work properly in protecting your HVAC equipment.

So instead of wasting your time trying to clean a disposable air filter, just simply throw them away, they don't cost that much anyways. In fact, if you buy bulk, you will save a lot more money and you can get good quality furnace filters.

If you seem to be having problems with your filters getting dirty all the time, it might be time to consider a duct cleaning. If your ducts are full of dust, you're always going to be changing your filters, as you are not fixing the problem.

I hope these three tips will help you with any questions you may have.