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Information about ABS and 636 Venting in Ottawa, Canada on Furnace venting

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Misleading Information about ABS and 636 Venting

I believe it is important to address the growing trend in some water heater companies and HVAC companies that are misleading their potential customers, just to make a sale.

This is an issue that is more prevalent with door to door sales representatives, from the 3 major water tank rental companies in Ontario. These representatives will typically come to your door at very inconvenient time and will allude to a claim that they are an authority in the gas industry; they come to your door, to make sure that your water heater and furnace are up to code.

Many people will allow these people to come into their homes and inspect their water tank or furnace and the sales representative will point out the Black ABS venting, stating that it is no longer up to code.

Many of these people do not know much about the codes that govern the gas industry and will do whatever is necessary to keep their home up to code.So why did the Black ABS become outlawed? Black ABS was designed initially for plumbers, but was adapted for use into the HVAC trade, withthe invention of high efficient gas appliances.

Over 15 to 20 years of use, the ABS vent began to dry out and it would become very brittle and prone to cracking, which would leak Carbon Monoxide (CO) into homes. This became a huge problem with water heaters, since they come on, on a daily basis; the ABS venting would heat and cool so frequently, as a result.

Manufacturers began working on creating a new styled of venting and one of them was the 636 venting; it was designed to last through high temperatures. In 2008, 636 venting became the industry standard in Ontario and became the new code, for installations of new appliances.

So when someone tells you that the laws have changed, they are not lying, they are telling you the truth. BUT they are lying when they tell you that you have to change the venting.

The code governing the 636 venting applies to new installations; black ABS venting only needs replacing, if it is damaged or causing an immediate hazard in a home. If no immediate hazard is present, the black ABS venting does not require replacing until it presents a hazard.When or if your old ABS venting cracks or present an immediate hazard, the venting will need replacing, not the whole unit. A lot of these companies and other HVAC companies will convince you that it will be better if you replace the hole unit, rather than just the venting.

I would recommend to anyone that if they ever have any HVAC company or Water Heater company tell you that your old AB venting needs replacing (even if it is not damaged), ask them to show you this code in their code book. If they do not show you anything, contact TSSA and they will give you the correct answer, as they are the authority for the gas trade.

It is not the intention of Ottawafurnacefilters.ca to discredit companies in an effort to steal their business, but rather to protect the unsuspecting consumer from unscrupulous business operators and to keep this industry honest!
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