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Furnace Air Filters 30x36x1 or 30x36x2

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Furnace Air Filters 30x36x1 or 30x36x2

If you own a water furnace, oil furnace, or a commercial air handler unit, one of the most popular sizes is the 30x36” filter. Unfortunately, these can be a nightmare to find; out of all of the filters that we sell, it is this size of filter that poses the biggest problem for our customers. This is not because we do not sell them but it is because of the cost to ship them outside of the Ottawa area.

Why is this?

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca ships most of its normal sized filters through Canada Post; this is because Canada Post's shipping rates are for the most part quite fair for small businesses. UPS and FedEx charge fees which are unrealistic for us, at this time.

If you think that the shipping cost is too high, this is likely because of the size of the box in which the filters are being shipped. All shipping providers, worldwide, currently charge by dimensional weight, when shipping larger boxes. Due to this fact, it makes shipping the 30x36” filters impossible to ship using Canada Post; it is not the weight that poses a problem, but rather the size. For more detailed information about dimensional weight, please read this Wikipedia Article.


In the past we have chosen not to sell this size outside of the Ottawa area, due to this problem. What we are now realizing is that when a customer sees that we are selling this size, they will act immediately, without reading the Terms and Conditions regarding the size of this filter. What we have decided to do is to use Purolator to ship filters of this size out of the Ottawa area. The shipping cost associated with this alternative shipping method is passed onto the customer, and in most cases will cost $80 to $85, and sometimes eve higher.

Is there any less expensive way for you to get the 30x36” filters that you require? Yes, if you need this size but you do not want to pay the extra shipping cost, you can take 2 of the 30x20” filters and tape them side by side. This will give you the 30x36” filter that you require, and will save you money, as the 30x20” filter can be shipped through Canada Post, saving you money on the shipping cost.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca sells this size of filter. Check out link below: