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Five good reasons to change your air furnace filters


If you would like to extend your furnace life, and reduce your energy bills, and improve your indoor air quality, this article is for you.

So do you think your air filters are ready for the winter?

As the winter snow starts to begin, and the temperature starts to drop, it is extremely hard to focus on switching out your furnace filters.

But just remember you should always change your filters.

Did you know that energy Star suggests is that you change your air filters every single month, more so in the winter time and the hot summer time months, basely when your HVAC systems gets the most use.

A lease at the bare minimum don't let three months go by without changing your furnace filters it will become very dirty.

So you may be wondering why is it so important to change out my filters?

Well here are five benefits of changing out your filters regularly:

1. Extra life in your furnace.

Of course the most common reason at heating and air-conditioning unit will break down, is those nasty filthy filters, yep… Gross dirty filters.

So basely when dirt accumulates, air will not pass through the filter and can overheat your HVAC system.


Because the blower motor then has to work harder to push the air through.

But you could be lucky... I mean in best case scenario you may only have to repair your furnace.

But if you're anything like me... worst case scenario you will have to change your furnace.

Just remember replacing the filter is an easy way to make sure the furnace life will last for a long time.

2. Of course keeping the energy cost down is the best reason.

So when the clogged air filter gets too dirty, the furnace blower motor works much harder to push the dirty air through which means you use more energy to make your heating and cooling system work.

This mean that your energy cost will sky rise.

The department of energy says that average household spends about $2200 a year on its energy bills.

So if you change your furnace filters you could save from 5 to 15% on your utility costs.

3. Making you maintain a healthy air quality environment.

So of course this is particularly important if anyone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies.

Dirty air filters can worsen this effect on your family, especially if you have pets because pets, have dander which can get stuck in your HVAC system and spread.

It is an easy fix simply replace your air filter and prevent dirty air from getting into your home.

4. Try to keep your heating and cooling system.

Dirty filters can clog up and this can result in corrupting your HVAC system.

This could mean extra repairers or a service visit, that you haven't planned for or even have the extra money for.

5. Peace of mind in your air filters.

I cannot stress that replacing your air filters is very easy, it's not a expensive step to help you save money, and most important extend the life of your furnace system.

Filters can also improve your air quality environment and it can also help decrease the amount of energy your family uses.

When looking to shop or buy or purchase your air filters, look at the Merv rating (minimum efficiency reporting value) number which ranges from 1 to 16 hundreds and number the better the filtration is.

You must change your filters every month to make it worth your while and I cannot stress HVAC tuneups or maintenance on a regular basis is always a good idea.

Just make sure they are a license technician.

These technicians will make sure your furnace is running great for your winter season.