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The Benefits of Furnace Filters


Furnace filters are an underutilized source of maintenance for your HVAC equipment. We don’t see them on a daily basis, so we do not think about changing them or how a filter may affect the performance of our HVAC system.

Well...here is the truth.

1) Filters can help increase the lifespan of your furnace, if changed on a routine basis.

  • If you do not change your furnace filter, the movement of the air throughout your home, requires more effort from your furnace. This means that your furnace works harder and this causes premature wear on the components within your furnace.

2) Filters can improve the quality of the air that is circulating throughout your home.

  • Filters offer varying degrees of protection from the elements (e.g. dander, dust, pet hair, pollutants, and other allergens). The degree of protection is categorized by a MERV rating, which tells the consumer how effective the air filter is at protecting the home air from various particles that could be circulated through. The higher the number of the MERV rating, the fewer the amount of particles that will pass through the filter.

So if you want to help improve your indoor air quality and you want to extend the life of your HVAC equipment; change your filters today!

Why Can't I Clean my disposable Filter?

Replacing disposable air filtersThere are some furnace filters out there that you can clean during your regular furnace maintenance, which you can reuse many times.However a disposable air filter does not fall underneath this category. About once every month, depending on what kind of filter you have, you should be replacing your furnace filters from its [...]

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Five good reasons to change your air furnace filters

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Furnace Air Filters 30x36x1 or 30x36x2

Furnace Air Filters 30x36x1 or 30x36x2If you own a water furnace, oil furnace, or a commercial air handler unit, one of the most popular sizes is the 30x36” filter. Unfortunately, these can be a nightmare to find; out of all of the filters that we sell, it is this size of filter that poses the biggest problem for our customers. This is not [...]

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​When Will I Receive my Parts?

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For Businesses, Live Downtown Ottawa, or are Condo D, Customers who have a difficult address to locate, Please Read

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Information about ABS and 636 Venting in Ottawa, Canada on Furnace venting

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How does a gas-furnace works...

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