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Indoor Air Quality


By simply checking out OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca, it means that you care and know the importance of changing your filter.

We know that you care about maintaining your furnace by changing your Furnace Air Filter.

You may be changing it due to allergies, excess dust, asthma, to maintain your equipment or your warranty, or by the simple recommendation of your HVAC provider. This is commendable, as far too many Ottawa home owners do not change their filter nor do they realize how important it is until it is too late. 

There are countless of stories of HVAC technicians, on the internet, describing how they had had to dig filter out of blower motors or AC coils becoming frozen solid, as air was unable to pass through the filter.

But....there are more things that home owners can be doing to improve the air quality in their homes, and to even further protect and help their HVAC system last even longer.

Did you know that changing your filter is only part of maintaining your HVAC system?

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca recommends all of its customers look at the advantages of having your duct cleanings.

We understand that many duct cleaning companies have created a negative reputation in the industry, as there are many dishonest companies and overseas telemarketers trying to scam unsuspecting consumers.

However, there are many benefits of having a professional duct cleaning done correctly, by the right duct cleaning company.

OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca professional air duct cleaning service will leave you satisfied.

Why choose us?

Unlike most of our competition, our business has focused primaily on Indoor Air Quality products for the last few years; this means that we deal with questions on a regular bases regarding filters and how to improve indoor air quality.

We have always recommended duct cleanings to our customers who wish to invest in creating cleaner air in their homes.

As such our company has invested in a duct cleaning department, so that we are now able to offer this service to our customers.

We have built a trustworthy business in the sales of filter products, with Free Delivery in the Ottawa area and low cost on brand name filter products. We have proven to be able to provide quality products and low prices, with reliable delivery times.

Our duct cleaning service is no different.

Take a look below to see our prices and work order sheet:


OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca Duct Cleaning Check List

1) Pre-Inspection: Are there any issues that could prevent us from cleaning the duct system?

2) Create access opening into main supply duct work: Make the recommended access openings into the main duct work, and patch up afterwards.

3) Hook up HEPA Vacuum collection device to Main supply duct work.

4) Direct 220 PSI of compressed air to all supply (Heat) registers; Ensure that all heat registers are clean and debris removed from heat run.

5) Clean main supply line with air wash cleaning equipment: Air wash brushes, air wash skippers and air whips. Clean main truck line of loose debris and other loose foreign materials.

6) Switch vacuum collection device to main return duct work.

7) Direct 220 PSI to all return air registers: Clean all return registers, direct air wash brushes, and compressed air into return air compartments.

8) Clean main return line with air wash cleaning equipment: Air wash brushes, air wash skippers and air whips. Clean main return line of loose debris and other loose foreign materials.

9) Clean Furnace Blower Motor: Clean all dirt from furnace blower motor.

10) Patched up all holes and clean up work site.

Lead Technician to give his report to customer.


Price: 0 – 1000 sq. Ft $270.00

Price: 1000 – 2200 sq. Ft $399.00

Price: 2200 – 3000 sq. Ft $500.00

Until the end of October 2016, OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca will provide, absolutely free of charge, the box of filters that you require.

Note: some conditions do apply; please let us know during booking of the filter product that you are interested in.

Carbon filters, Merv 13 pleated filters, and unpopular sizes that require us to have the filters made may not qualify for “free filters”, however a reduced price will be offered, as we will only charge you what we are charged for the filters.


Please contact us by our home page for booking and one of our reps will contact you.

Thank You for choosing OttawaFurnaceFilters.ca as you indoor air quality specialist. 





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